Jenn Haneman

Kayla Engelhardt








IPS (Individual Placement and Support) is a program RCS has been involved in for just over two years. Two of our staff, Jenn Haneman and Kayla Engelhardt, have an office at Sheboygan County Health and Human Services where they work directly with the mental health teams. IPS assists people with chronic mental health issues to become employed. Jenn and Kayla have done an outstanding job. Recently, the State of Wisconsin did a two-day comprehensive review of the program.

Sheboygan County’s IPS Fidelity score ended up being a 116! This score places the program in the highest category of Fidelity which is “Exemplary Fidelity”. Perfect Fidelity would be a score of 125 which no program, to date, in the state of Wisconsin has achieved. Being in the Exemplary category is a major achievement, especially for a program that has only been in operation for 2 years. I believe that only 1 or 2 other counties in Wisconsin have achieved Exemplary Fidelity since IPS was put into practice and those counties who have been practicing IPS for a number of years. The reviewers were very impressed with the IPS program as well as the RCS Employment Services program, led by Lynn Justinger.

We are very proud of Jenn and Kayla along with the entire IPS team!