Day Services Calendar


August 2017 Printable Calendar



Ticket Sales for the Hawaiian Luau Prom ….Tuesday, August 1st   

Mark your calendar to say “Aloha” at the October 20 Hawaiian Luau Prom. Tickets go on sale August 1st. Cost is $15 each which includes a meal, commemorative photo and rockin’ to Ricky’s DJ service. Formal attire is recommended but Luau shirts are acceptable for the gentlemen at Prom. Check with your Case Manager on the “Shopping Spree” day event set for September.


Blue Shirt Day….Wednesday, August 2nd

To show your commitment to promoting kindness, please wear your blue shirt on Wednesday to RCS.

If you have any questions, please call Greta Hoderny at 920-694-1218.


Animal Appreciation Day….Thursday, August 3rd

We love our pets and on August 3rd we will celebrate these furry friends in a day of appreciation! Special guests from all over Sheboygan will be at RCS to showcase their animals & answer any questions you may have. Super-fun activities will occur throughout the day, including watching a new dog themed movie. So come, sit back and relax! DON’T forget to wear your favorite shirt with a dog, cat, hamster, or fish on it!

Also, bring along a picture to share!

Disability Pride Day….Wednesday, August 9th

This fun day will take place Wednesday, August 9th at Fountain Park in Sheboygan.  RCS Empowers will be participating in these exciting activities by performing a skit at 1:20 p.m and 2:00 p.m.  Our very own “bell choir” will also play. This talented group of ladies and gentlemen are led by Rebecca Hesketh, Day Services Instructor.


Blue Harbor…..Friday, August 11th

If you have been invited to join in on a leisure day on the lazy river or enjoy the relaxing jets of the Blue Harbor hot tub…. you are required to bring your own swimsuit and towel.  This is a morning outing.  When you arrive back at RCS, you will eat lunch. If you have any questions about this outing or any future Blue Harbor outings, don’t hesitate to call Dave Payton at 920-458-8261 ext.1282.

 Piano Playing by Audrey…..Wednesday, August 23rd    

Audrey Braatz will come to RCS for a spectacular singing event in Day Services. It will be on Wednesday, August 23rd at 12:45. If you would like, you can sing along to your favorite songs or just sit back and enjoy the music.



Speak Up! will meet on August 2nd @1:30

 Aktion Club Meeting is August 16th @3:00

Day Service Area Meeting is August 23rd @ 9:00

RCS Advisory Council will meet on August 28th @8:00

Participant Council will meet on August 29th @2:00