Day Services Testimonials

Our daughter was so fortunate to be accepted into RCS ‘Day Services’ after graduating from Lightfoot School in Sheboygan Falls. That was over 20 years ago. During that time span, RCS has become her ‘community’ rolling together learned life skills and inter-personal relationships. RCS’s daily programming has helped her to develop a sense of security, self-worth and a balance in her life. She has a trusting relationship with her case manager and is always encouraged by other staff. We are so thankful for RCS and how our daughter has become a responsible, joyful and independent adult. Thank you.

Tim and Pat Petzold

We are so grateful to RCS for so many things for Katie:

  • The annual Day Service  plays that gave her the confidence to be an RCS Ambassador and speak to groups of people.
  • The community employment program that kept actively working with her set of job skills until they found the right match.
  • The caring staff that make Katie’s day so productive and interesting in all of her classes.

Dave & Kris Williams

Adam Zittel: Day Services Success Story


Adam Zittel began attending RCS in September of 2014. Before RCS, Adam had been attending another day program and struggled with socializing with his peers and he lacked self-confidence. Initially, when Adam began RCS Day Services, he was very shy and required encouragement to socialize with his peers. Adam was able to make his needs known but required a lot of prompting to promote his self-confidence level. He joined in his day service classes, but would not initiate conversations very often.

Two years later, Adam has achieved so many milestones and his communication skills have flourished. Adam has a large group of friends. He now initiates conversations with his friends and also joins in on class discussions. Adam enjoys joking with his friends and is able to share his great sense of humor with everyone around him. Adam has also performed in RCS’ last two annual plays, The Music Man Jr. and The Little Mermaid Jr.

Along with progressing greatly with his social and communication skills in Day Service classes, Adam has also expanded his services at RCS to include packaging work and a prevocational class. Adam has learned many work skills and enjoys earning his own paycheck. While participating in prevocational class, Adam tours local businesses and explores community employment. Adam has also volunteered with his prevocational class at a variety of local businesses and agencies. Adam hopes to one day use his knowledge of community employment and work skills learned through RCS prevocational services to obtain a job in the community.

Outside of RCS, Adam’s mother, Monica Zittel, has noticed growth in many aspects of Adam’s life. Monica Zittel states,” “RCS has opened up a whole new world for Adam. It’s truly been a blessing for him! Adam’s family and friends have noticed his cheerful disposition and a definite improvement in his self-confidence. Also, Adam is more inquisitive, as he is always asking questions. Adam loves coming to RCS each and every day.  He is so proud to be a participant of your extraordinary facility.”

RCS is very excited to continue to see Adam grow socially and to see where his skills will take him in the future!