Day Services

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Day Services empowers people with possibilities through person centered programs & services. RCS offers adults with varying physical and cognitive disabilities opportunities for life enrichment year round. We provide over 60 course selections to fit an individual’s personal interest and goals. Activities focus on community integration, life & leisure skills, socialization, physical activity, and recreation. Day Services operates at our Geele Avenue campus utilizing twelve classrooms, three kitchen areas with specialized settings for group entertainment, leisure activities, “Special Needs” cares, and memory loss programming. In addition, our onsite campus features the RCS garden & educational programs, seasonal sports and adaptive bicycling with access to an adjacent, outdoor pedestrian/bike path. Course offerings include: Art Therapy, Cooking, Bowling, Drama, Music, Computer/Ipad Tablet use, just to name a few… We specialize in life skills development and incorporate ease of learning in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Day Services-Special Needs

Day Services Special Needs area provides fundamental cares for individuals with more significant disabilities. Participants may require additional staff attention due to physical or behavioral needs. Assistance is provided with closer supervision, feeding, toileting, dressing, etc… Individualized support allows for the same (60+) class opportunities to be experienced as in the Day Service programming. Our focus is to support participation so that individuals remain active, engaged, and socialize with their peers. Personalized activities may include therapy objectives. Our educated and caring staff, specialize in a team approach, including a focus on health and well-being initiatives that is guided by our on-staff Registered Nurse.

For more information contact:
Angie Buechel
Human Services Operations Manager

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