Original RCS buildingIn 1952, a group of concerned citizens met to plan a place where persons with disabilities could learn skills that would help them to be more independent. In 1955, the Sheboygan County Association for Retarded Citizens (S.C.A.R.C.) began holding classes at 617 Niagara Avenue in Sheboygan.

An old school house located at 307 Lincoln Avenue was purchased to provide extra space and in 1958 the S.C.A.R.C. Opportunity Center opened its doors with the help of many friends, parents, and local businesses.

St. Clair locationIn 1968, with the assistance of private and government funding, the old Hayssen factory at 1305 St. Clair Avenue was purchased and remodeled and served as the Main Plant for RCS Empowers, Inc. for the next 24 years.

In 2017, Martha VandeLeest became the President of the organization and continues to serve in that capacity today.

The former Larson Plywood Company at 2110 N. 15th Street was purchased in 1984, serving as the new home and creation of the RCS North Plant.

16th & Geele North PlantIn 2009, RCS purchased the old Plastics Engineering plant at 1607 Geele Avenue.  After a two-phased building project, all RCS operations became located on one campus in February of 2012.