Prevocational Services

Prevocational Services provide training, career exploration, learning opportunities, community volunteer work, and paid work experience at RCS. The focus of these services is to prepare individuals to succeed in community employment. Participants can work in the Packaging Department, North Plant, or Janitorial Program. Additional paid training opportunities are offered on a limited basis, including mail pick up/delivery, washing dining tables, and kitchen duties.

Employment classes and Job Club offer opportunities to learn about the world of work, develop job-seeking skills, identify employment strengths and interests, and prepare individuals for employment in the community. This is done through small and large group classes, guest speakers, visits to area businesses, and volunteering in the community.  

Packaging Department is located at 1607 Geele Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53083. In our facility, we offer jobs that include packaging household fasteners, operating machinery, and packaging finished goods. 

North Plant is a factory setting that offers a wide range of subcontract work from local businesses including assembly, boxing, inspection, machine operation, collating, and packaging.

Janitorial Services include cleaning tasks in all RCS buildings. Participants generally work with a crew of other participants, and an on-site RCS supervisor is always available.


Educational and Vocational Opportunities Lead to Valuable Employees or “EVOLVE” is a new Community Based Prevocational Service being offered at RCS. Participants engage in activities and experiences that will help get them on the fast path to community employment. The curriculum includes three months of small group meetings in the community focused on discovery and exploration, followed by a three month internship to gain valuable training and soft skills.  This is followed by individualized Job Development services where participants will receive the support needed to help navigate the job seeking process. Evolve Horizontal Timeline for Website
Evolve Printable Brochure

For more information contact:
Angie Buechel
Human Services Operations Manager


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