Thrivent Choice

Thrivent Choice®: Strengthening communities. Changing lives.

Thrivent Choice, the member-advised charitable grant program from Thrivent Financial, continues to be a welcome funding source for RCS Empowers.

If you are an eligible Thrivent member, you likely are aware of this easy, convenient way to help make a difference for organizations you care about. The Thrivent Choice program offers a way for eligible members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes some of its charitable grant funds each year.

Eligible benefit members are designated Choice Dollars® that they can direct, thereby recommending charitable grant funding for their choice among thousands of enrolled churches and nonprofit organizations, including RCS Empowers, Inc. To date, Choice Dollars grant funds totaling $280 Million have been distributed overall. 

If you are eligible to participate in Choice Dollars, or are uncertain about your eligibility, visit

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