2017 RCS Printable Wishlist

Purchase an item off the wish list and have it sent or drop it off at RCS Empowers.

RCS Empowers, Inc
1607 Geele Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53083


 VCR to DVD converter

Xbox or PlayStation Gaming Console  (New or Used)

Wii, PlayStation or Xbox E-rated Games (New or Used)




Large, Floor Puzzles-less than 100 pieces

Memory retaining board games

“Big Trouble” Game

Relaxing music CD-Nature Sounds CD

Guitar stand

Brynk  – Available at the Gameboard

Battle Sheep – Available at the Gameboard

Ubongo – Available at the Gameboard

Craft Supplies

Construction paper

Paper all colors

Acrylic paints all colors





Bolt of white muslin

Crochet needles size “K”


Plastic canvas 10×13 or less

Colored markers

Elmer Craft Glue Sticks

Low temperature glue gun

Glue gun sticks

Model Magic (white or color)

Pinking Shears

Material sissors

T pins

Bodice sewing form

Singer machine needles


New/used sewing machine that prepares zigzag stitches

Sewing table or large space sewing screen

Gift card to Joann’s Fabrics & Crafts

Gift card to Amazon 

Kitchen Supplies

Magic Bullet

Kitchen timer

Baking sheets

Food processor

12 inch frying pan

Griddle pan

Grill pan

Gallon Zip Lock bags

Quart Zip Lock bags

Sandwich Zip Lock bags

Plastic cutting boards

Rubber spatulas

Large print measuring cup & spoons



Dish soap

Plastic wrap

Aluminum foil

Gardening Supplies

Plastic flower pots 8”-12”

Large outdoor pots

Adaptive Easi Grip Log Reach Tool Set

Long handle hoe

Long handle rake

Long handle shovel

Garden gloves


Garden center gift cards


Mobility sheets (drawsheets with handles) Any size (New or Gently Used)

Sweatpants, gender neutral  in sizes L, XL, & XXL (New or Gently Used)

Portable folding table 6ft

Participant Aktion Club membership 

Adjustable height workstation – NP

Bed pillows

Nail Polish any colors

Cordless drill

Cooking aprons for males (appropriate themes)

Cichlid fish food

Sensory 12″ LED blue rope light